Know Your Numbers: Face Angle

The Interpreting ClubHub Swing Parameters Guide states that the face angle parameter is the direction the club face is pointed at impact relative to the target line. Face angle is generally believed to be the major factor in determining the line of ball travel immediately after leaving the club face. Keep in mind that the initial line of flight (target line) and the final target will be different if you play a draw or fade.

For ClubHub, the target line is determined from the club orientation at setup. Setup is the relatively motionless time immediately preceding the backswing. ClubHub assumes the target line is perpendicular to the club face at setup. If you set up with the face closed to the target line but deliver the club face squarely at impact, ClubHub will report an open face angle. Conversely, if you set up with the face open to the target line but deliver the club face squarely at impact, ClubHub will report a closed face angle

More Than Just a Pretty Face Angle

If you are getting some bigger numbers than you expect, there is more going on than just a slight opening or closing of your club face. Those kinds of number can provide you with an opportunity for more in-depth analysis of what is going on with your swing. It can be an indicator that you are not really aligned to your target at setup. You can use ClubHub to help adjust your perspective to adjust your face angle

As an exercise, go to the driving range with a friend and ask them to stand behind you and check your alignment at setup. Note the direction of the club face, your knees, hips and shoulders relative to your intended line of flight. The goal is to have everything align with your intended line of flight. This will train you to have better body alignment at setup.

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