The most comprehensive swing analysis and shot tracking tool in golf.

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ClubHub automatically delivers the analytics from your round or range session to your phone. Whether you’re looking to improve your game, build on a recent golf lesson with your instructor or just have fun diagnosing your swing data and stats from your round, ClubHub lets you see your game in a whole new way.

On the range or on the course, ClubHub accurately analyzes your swing and automatically tracks your shots from tee to green.

No other sensor system can do both.

  • Get real-time swing analysis data for every shot - on course or on the range
  • Track shot distances and locations during your round
  • See a 3D video of your swing on screen
  • Record scoring stats from your round
  • Share swing info and round data with your instructor and friends
  • See in-depth map views with GPS distances to any point on the hole


ClubHub delivers what no other club sensor can: real-time swing analysis data from the course or the driving range. Make a swing and instantly see your data on the app, including:

Swing Data

  • Club head speed
  • Face angle
  • Angle of attack
  • Tempo
  • Transition Angle
  • 3D view of your swing

3D Swing

Shot Tracking

ClubHub’s GPS tracking technology allows you to record rounds and scoring stats that were previously available only to tour pros. See your Driving Distances, Fairways Hit, Greens in Regulation and Putting.

(Automatic SHOT TRACKING is available only with the 14 sensor ClubHub EXCEL product.)

On course GPS rangefinder distances are available in all ClubHub products including ClubHub-SENSE3 and ClubHub-SENSE1.

Map View

See exact locations of every shot on the hole with distances and swing data.

Shot List View

Automatically tracks every shot you take by hole and by club.


Accurate distances to any point on the hole as well as front, back and middle distances to the green.


ClubHub is an authentic performance product for today’s modern golfer.
This complete sensor system allows golfers to improve by doing what they love–playing golf.
On the course or on the range, this comprehensive evaluation system allows instructors and coaches to better evaluate and interact with students.


ClubHub makes it easy to review, analyze and share your shot tracking and swing analysis data in real-time. Golf instructors now have the ability to analyze their student’s game even when they’re not with them.

By viewing the data, instructors can see on course swing characteristics and course management skills to help students develop a better all-around game.


After a simple setup, just go play and let ClubHub seamlessly track your game.

Remove the cap and pull the battery protector out

Insert the sensor(s) on club(s). Alignment only needed for putter.

Download the ClubHub App from the iTunes or Google Play Store.

To pair your clubs with the sensors, launch the App and follow instructions.

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General Questions

  • What is ClubHub?

    The ClubHub is a portable golf swing analysis and shot tracking system. ClubHub provides golfers with real-time data about their game, including club head speed, face angle, angle of attack, tempo, and transition angle. Additionally, ClubHub’s shot tracking technology allows golfers to record rounds and scoring stats such as driving distances, fairways hit, greens in regulation, and putting. ClubHub is the only product that combines both swing analysis and shot tracking for on course and on range use in one product. ClubHub is the first to have this ability; ClubHub offers a complete solution to golfers and teachers.
  • What is the weight of an individual ClubHub?

    ClubHub weighs an indecernable 10.2 grams.
  • How does ClubHub affect the swing weight of the club?

    Although most golfers do not notice a weight difference while using ClubHub, it does alter the swing weight of each club by approximately 2 points (D4-D2).
  • Do I have to calibrate the ClubHub to my face angle?

    ClubHub does not require any calibration or alignment with the exception of PutterHub, which requires alignment with the club face to ensure accurate putting data.
  • How does the app know which club I am using?

    After the initial setup and pairing, the app automatically knows which club is in play.
  • How many sensors come with a full pack?

    ClubHub EXCEL (full set) comes with 14 sensors. There is one for each club, as well as one for putting. ClubHub SENSE3 comes with 3 sensors. ClubHub SENSE1 comes with a single sensor.
  • Does ClubHub work with both right and left handed players?

    Yes, ClubHub works with both right and left handed players.
  • What is Limited Play Mode?

    Limited Play Mode is activated when fewer than 10 sensors are configured. Shot tracking is available for clubs equipped with sensors. The original location is marked automatically and the end location of a shot can be marked manually with the ClubHub app.

Course Listing

Battery Life

  • What is the estimated battery life?

    ClubHub's battery life is designed to last between 6 to 12 months based on the number of rounds played.
  • Does ClubHub require special batteries?

    ClubHub requires CR2032 3-volt batteries which can be found at most retailers.
  • How do I replace my ClubHub's batteries?

    To replace the batteries in you ClubHub sensor, simply take the plastic cap off by squeezing both sides of the sensor where the grooves are. Once the plastic cap is off you can push the battery out using either your fingers or something small like a paperclip. Last take your new battery and place it into the metal holding area, making sure that the positive (+) is face up. Replace the protective plastic cap and continue playing.
  • How much do ClubHub batteries cost?

    Although prices vary based on the retailer, CR2032 3-volt batteries should cost less than a dollar.


  • Will the GPS work on all courses?

    Yes. ClubHub's GPS uses satellite to track your shots, it should work on all courses.
  • Can I use ClubHub and the app where there is no cell coverage?

    No. ClubHub requires cell coverage in order to capture data from your clubs to the app.
  • Does ClubHub track shots in the trees?

    The denseness of the trees will impact the whether or not your shot is tracked on course. All GPS devices (including iPhone GPS) will not work in densely covered areas that cannot access satellite connectivity.


  • What mobile devices does ClubHub work with?

    Currently ClubHub works with iPhone iOS 8.1 and above, iPad 3 or newer, and Android 5.0 and above. Android users please note - Current known Android compatible devices: Samsung and LG.
  • Do I have to keep my phone in my pocket while I play?

    In order to ensure the most accurate information we recommend keeping the phone in your pocket. If you are playing at the range your phone only needs to be within Bluetooth connectivity range.
  • Do I have to download the data from my phone to my laptop after each time I play?

    No. The data from both practice sessions and on course rounds are automatically sent to the Cloud, there is no need to manually upload the data from your phone to your computer.
  • Where can I review my data?

    Your data can be found after your round or practice session on you iPhone or iPad, at anytime.
  • Does the app work while the phone is locked?

    Yes the ClubHub app will work in both locked and unlocked screen status.


  • Will the ClubHubs break or get damaged while banging around in my bag?

    With normal play and care of your clubs, you should see no damage to your ClubHubs.
  • Is ClubHub waterproof?

    ClubHub is not waterproof. However it is water-resistant.
  • What is the warranty on my set of ClubHubs?

    We offer a 1-year warranty policy from the original date of purchase.


  • Do I have to enter data into the app while I play?

    There is no need to enter data while you play. ClubHub automatically records all shots while you play your round.
  • Can I edit my shots while I play?

    Yes. You can add or delete any shots that are mistakenly missed or extra shots (putts) taken during or after your round.
  • Can I review my round data while I play?

    Yes. All previous shots and data can be reviewed during the round if you’d like to see the data immediately.
  • Can I sync my swing data with Video?

    With the current ClubHub app you cannot sync your swing data with video. However, we provide a 3D swing view that provides a visual of your swing.

USGA Regulations

  • Is this device USGA approved to use during tournaments?

    Currently it is not approved by the USGA to use during tournament play.

Data Collection

  • Will ClubHub work indoors?

  • Will ClubHub capture practice swings?

    No. ClubHub will capture real swings where ball impact is detected. If you are taking a practice swing with no ball contact no data will be captured.
  • Can I calibrate the ClubHub to my exact club specs?

    Yes. There are detailed instructions on how to find your specs in the Best Practice section.
  • Will ClubHub give the same data from hitting off mats as well as grass?


Shot Tracking

  • How do I know if my shot was recorded?

    The app screen display will show your shot automatically.
  • Can I view my round while I play?

    Yes. All previous shots and data can be reviewed while you play.

Editing Data/Rounds

  • Can I edit my rounds during play? After play?

    Yes. All of your rounds can be edited on the ClubHub app to ensure accurate data recording and stat analysis.
  • How do I record penalty shots and lost balls?

    To ensure accurate data recording and stat analysis, all your rounds can be edited on the ClubHub app, including adding in penalty shots.


  • Can I use other apps on my phone while I’m recording my round with ClubHub?

  • Will ClubHub work if I go on an amazing golf trip overseas?

  • How much battery life should my phone have in order to get me through a round using the ClubHub app?

    We recommend that you begin play with a fully charged phone. However, a typical round of golf should use no more than 50% of your phones battery.
  • What happens if my phone dies during a round?

    Unfortunately in the event that your phone dies during a round ClubHub will track all of your shots up to the point that your phone died.
  • How can ClubHub tell if I've hit a fairway?

    The course mapping technology that we use determines the location of where your ball lands and thus where your shot is taken from on the course.
  • When it comes to recording putts, is the sensor accurate enough to track tap-ins and how does it know if my partner gave me a short putt?

    The sensors should pick up short putts and tap-ins. However, a proper set up and stroke is required to capture putts. It will not be able to tell if your partner has conceded you a putt. However, you can use the edit tool to add a putt if needed.
  • How accurate is ClubHub’s GPS?

    Our GPS technology is very accurate and is continually being updated with course changes.
  • Does the ClubHub app tell me the distance to the green or hazards on the course?

    Yes. Our GPS has the ability to give you a quick view to the front, center and back of greens. We also have a feature where you can drag the circle on the app to any point on the course to judge distances to hazards, bunkers etc.
  • Can I keep score via the ClubHub app?

    No. The score of your round should be kept by you the player. However, you can add your score to your round when you go to save your round or when you go into Track Performance mode of the app after your round has been save. Once in the Track Performance mode, choose the round and tap on the score field and entering your score.
  • How does ClubHub avoid recording my practice swings before a shot?

    We apply proprietary technology that determines a golf shot.
  • How does the app know which sensor is in each club in my bag?

    This is determined when you pair your clubs to the app. We have applied smart science to enable the sensors to know which club is paired to which sensor. Do I need to do anything before I hit my shot? No, that is the beauty of the ClubHub, it is fully automatic, just go play!
  • Do I need a sensor on every club?

    If you are looking to get both swing analysis and shot tracking then yes you need to have a full set of sensors, one for every club.
  • What do I do if I take an “extra” shot with the same club from the same spot?

    The last shot taken will be recorded.