Dos and Don’ts of Putting with ClubHub (Video)

Putting is a small but major part of the game of golf and the same can be said for putting with ClubHub. To create the most accurate record of your round it is important to log every shot, even the shortest putt. The ClubHub sensor for your putter has special impact detection because it is designed to pick up every putt – from 80-footers to tap-ins. By following a short list of dos and don’ts you can greatly improve the accuracy of your putting stats. Watch the following video to learn proper technique and what to avoid in order to get the best putt recording with ClubHub.


  • Align the ClubHub
  • Formally address the ball (brief stationary period prior to backswing)
  • Take a backswing
  • Hold your putter out-of-play (head up, grip down) while waiting to putt


  • Brush or bump the grass when taking practice putts
  • Rake the ball into the hole
  • Pause at the end of the backswing



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