True Distance

When we released theHub web application, we added  a new calculation that is in both the mobile app and theHub, called True Distance.

True Distance provides an accurate view of how far you hit each of your clubs.  Once enough on-course data has been collected, non-full-swings and erroneous shots with distances that are atypical for you are removed. For instance, we automatically remove shots that may have hit the cart path and traveled further than usual or those that hit a tree and are cut short. 

This calculation was created to help our players make better club selections on the course and know what clubs they need to work on at the range. Being familiar your True Distances will reduce the guesswork  selecting clubs on the course. In theHub, players typically will see a gradual step-down in distances from the driver down to the most lofted wedge.

Where You Can See True Distance

In the mobile app, you can see True Distance featured in Track Performance on the Club Stats page and the Driving Scoring Stats page. True Distance is also applied to the longest drive that is shown on the home page.

In theHub, your True Distance for every club in your bag can be seen on the Player Dashboard under the clubs list. It is also featured in the calculations that are done on the On Course-Distance and Slice & Dice Analytics pages. All swings on those pages that have distance results have True Distance factored in.

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