Refining Your Club Stats

As the 2018 golf season approaches, it’s time to start cleaning off your clubs and cleaning up your ClubHub club stats. Begin the new year with the most accurate club stats to help you analyze your data better and improve faster. By deleting finesse shots and other non-full swings that are throwing off your stats,… Read more »

Know Your Numbers: Transition Angle

As our Interpreting ClubHub Swing Parameters Guide states, transition refers to the angle of the club shaft relative to horizontal at the moment backswing ends and the downswing begins. If the head of the club is above the handle, the angle is expressed as “above” and has a + sign. If the handle of the club is above… Read more »

How to Trim Fat Shots from Your Game

Different Kinds of Fat Fat shots can come in different shapes and sizes. There are steep fat shots and shallow fat shots. Steep fat shots, the most common, can be due to many different things. Not maintaining proper upper body form can cause you to over compensate with your arms and therefore bring the club… Read more »

Know Your Numbers: Angle of Attack

What It Is As the club head approaches the golf ball during the downswing, its path forms an arc. The angle of attack is the trajectory along this arc relative to the ground at the moment the ball is struck. A negative angle of attack (Swing A) means that the club head had not yet reached… Read more »

Know Your Numbers: Tempo & Backswing

Control Your Backswing, Control Your Tempo Proper tempo will allow you to get the most distance and best direction out of your golf swing. With the right tempo, you can sequence your downswing to allow your body to give more powerful swings and consistent results. But, there are some misconceptions about how to achieve the… Read more »